Monday, November 16, 2009

My sign on name "I'mtheMommy"

I thought I'd explain why I picked this sign on name.

It's because, because I'm the mommy and I said so wouldn't fit, so I had to shorten it.

When you stop and think about it, this is the answer to the known universe, at least my universe.

Why do I have to eat this? Easy, because I'm the mommy and I said so.

Why do I have to pick up my toys? Again. Perfect answer.

Why do we have to keep Javin?

Again TA DA! Then, I follow up with the he's your brother and even if you hate him you have to love him, that's how siblings work bit.

Why do YOU get to eat chocolate at 8:30 at night and I don't?

Once again here's the answer, except you have leave off the "b/c I said so" part.

I'm telling you, it answers most any question.


Maybe it's just because I say it nine hundred and forty two thousand times a day?

Who knows.....

Either way, it fits.

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