Tuesday, November 3, 2009

and HEREEE'S Javin!

I'm doing up the dinner dishes, he is supposed to be headed for the shower.


Yes, Jav (he's stark naked).

Wook at my boo ye.

I see your booty, why isn't it in the shower?

Youuuuu shake woo boo ye!

Shake woo boo ye!

Shake woo boo ye!

As he shakes it for all he's got.

After the shower I tried everything I could think of to get him to sing in for the camera, he got a bit side tracked but you get the action anyway.

And that Ladies and Gentleman is a day for me hangin out with this little dude all day. The only thing we are missing is.

Mommmmyyyy, I is hundary!!

Javin you've had enough to eat.

But MOMMY I is ree ry hundary!

Javin you have eaten,
2 cereal bars
a glass of orange juice
a pancake on a stick
a bowl of grapes
2 bananas
and eggs
you can not possibly be hungry you've only been awake 3 hours.

Mommy, I is STAR-BIN!

He looks it, right?


  1. Oh, I love that! "Mah booties takin'a picture!", lol! He's so sweet.

  2. Julie he looks so much like you and Jade when she was a baby!

    You got to teach that boys some moves though...or tell him to learn from his sisters!! And its too funny how he keeps saying his booty is taking a picture!