Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just in case you ever need to know.

Today, I discovered how to completely offend a 3 year old boy.

Scene set.

Stage: Our house

Time: 7:32 AM

Actors: Javin and Julie. Side giggles from the girls.

Plot: Time to leave to take the girls to school.

And click of the whatcha~dos~it.

Javin sits on the couch inhaling his second cereal bar.

Julie: Come on baby, it's time to take your sisters to school.

Javin: Hops up off the couch, comes over to his mommy, chest puffed out, a bit red in the face and declares.


I is a BIG BOY!!!

I go potty in da baffroom and I no pee in my bed. While he wildly gestures his fat little "hinger" towards his room and the bathroom.

I has big boy cups not BE BE ONES!

AND, and, and, I is NOT a BEBE!!

You is BEBE!!

Julie: Sighs and mentally thanks the girls for teaching him that one.

Julie: Hey, calm down Javin!!!! I didn't mean that YOU are a baby, it's like sweetheart or sugar or honey and My name is Mommy!

Javin: I know, you mommy, me JaBin, NOT bebe.

Julie: Sorry honey, I didn't mean it the way you thought.

Javin: S ok mommy, you no call me bebe, I no call you bebe.

Julie: Ok, we're late, let's go.

Oh, the joys of being the mother of a strong willed 3 year old boy with man pride.


  1. I had to comment to see my name..I'm new at this blog stuff. All I ever read before was Perez......so here I go! :)

  2. Too funny!!! Anka is going through the same phase. I call her baby just to watch her explode.

  3. Cute,
    When I call Genevieve baby she says "I not baby, I GenieB"