Sunday, October 18, 2009

Conversations with the littles.

Javin after he first got talking fairly well.

Javin: MOMMYYYYY, I haz coookie.

Me: No baby, it's 9 am, you can't have a cookie.

Javin: but I wants coooookie!!!!!

Me: Sorry dude, no cookie.

Javin: You're a me me.

ME: What?

Javin: You're a ME ME.

Me: I'm a what?

Javin: a ME ME!!!!!

Me: Did you just call me a meanie?

Javin: huh huh *his version of uh huh*

Me: Well that might be true but you still aren't getting a cookie.

Javin: as he walks a way under his me.

Me and the girls in the truck on the way home from the grocery store, radio is on, Lady Gaga comes on.

Jade: I want to take a ride on a disco stick too.

Vivie: What's a disco stick?

Jade: You know, they have them at parades and they are silver they twirl them around.

I FINALLY got my voice back.

Me: No Jadey, that's a baton.

Jade: Oh, well then what's a disco stick?

Me: ummmmm she made the word up.

Jade: Well what does it stand for?

Me: LOOK Fire Truck!!! As I swore I would only listen to country music in the truck from now on.

Me and the girls at the grocery store again.

Most of you know Vivie is TINY, she is 6 years old still wearing a 4T and weighs in at a whopping 37 lbs. Javin weighs more than she does at this point.

I set her in the cart, I put my purse next to her.

Me: Viv, do mommy a favor and if anyone tries to take my purse yell, really loud, Ok?

Vivie: No mommy, if someone tries to take your purse, I'll just punch dem in da eye!!!!

Me: Well, alrighty then!

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  1. Hey the disco stick! Good job with the fire-truck throw-off!